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Are You Trading or Gambling?

We teach you to build a portfolio that can earn 1% a month by managing risk.

“The principles of successful stock speculation are based on the supposition that people will continue in the future to make the mistakes that they have made in the past.”
T.F. Woodlock quoted in “Reminiscences of a Stock Operator”

Every day, here at Deep Pocket Options, we talk to people who think they are trading or investing.

They are not.
They are gambling.

The best money managers in the world earn about 20% a year (over a 10 year period)
…and you think that you can beat them?!

When you open a new option position, it is either going to be profitable, break-even, or a loser. You get 1 out of those 3 outcomes, so your first choice is probably wrong. Using options, you can easily adjust your position as you watch it perform. You must fix losers so that they move through break-even to profitable. Cash flow is all that matters as you run your options business.

You can learn to consistently make about one to two percent per month. More than that – and you either don’t need us – or you will continue to watch your account value gyrate as it disintegrates on it’s painful path to zero. If this is you, then your risk is too high.

At Deep Pocket Options we teach you how to manage your own money so you can sleep at night. Using options properly, you can continually work to increase your profitability while lowering your market risk.

Options give you choices!

Deep Pocket Options will teach how to manage your portfolio using the incredible power of options.
DeepPocketOptions is an educational service that teaches you how to trade stocks and options. We are not an advisory service and we do not offer specific trade recommendations. Stock or option trading is not appropriate in all situations and you should consult with your own investment advisor before entering any stock or option position. Stocks and options involve risk and you can lose money. Prior to trading you must receive a copy of Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options.