Trading WalMart – the anti-Union Devil……

I have some Facebook friends who continually pass along hateful anti-WalMart propaganda. It’s always very negative and usually seeks to damage someone by twisting the truth. I believe WalMart is a great American Corporation. This constant focus on a negative message will blind you to opportunities that are everywhere, but only IF you allow yourself to look for them. I have decided to counter all of this with a positive message.

I have started trading Walmart to show my Liberal friends what can be accomplished with a positive attitude, and also to illustrate the other side of the coin – you can work to tear down a great American Corporation, or you can use the opportunities created daily in the options market to make money. We all make choices…….and I choose to participate in the capital markets and will create something from nothing.

Today, I sold 3 WalMart puts. Details tomorrow. Please subscribe to Deep Pocket Options in order to receive real time trade alerts and much more!

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