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You absolutely must learn to trade small before you can trade big. Deep Pocket Options Subscribers get real-time trade updates sent via email prior to the orders being placed. This enables you to trade along with us if you like the idea. 

We like to pick a symbol and slowly build it into an income position that we expect to last for months. You will learn how to focus on creating consistent income from long-term positions while managing your risk. We always have at least 1 and up to 3 different positions open. They are always fully explained at each executed trade. You will get frequent “Jump-in-the-Pool” trades which allow you to join an ongoing core position.

You can also expect an emailed weekly summary with detailed explanations of current positions that are open or recently closed.

Options give you choices!

Deep Pocket Options will teach how to manage your portfolio using the incredible power of options.
DeepPocketOptions is an educational service that teaches you how to trade stocks and options. We are not an advisory service and we do not offer specific trade recommendations. Stock or option trading is not appropriate in all situations and you should consult with your own investment advisor before entering any stock or option position. Stocks and options involve risk and you can lose money. Prior to trading you must receive a copy of Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options.