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Stop trying to predict the future and focus instead on creating income!

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What Do I Learn?

You will learn how to focus on generating income instead of jumping from one new trade idea to another.

There is an ancient Chinese trading proverb that goes something like this:

If you give a man a trade, he trades for a day.
If you teach him to trade, he has income for life.

How we do it…

Theoretically, if you had a portfolio made up of options with zero delta and a theta of 1000, you would make $1000 a day with no market risk.

This is not possible, except for extremely short periods. What is possible is this:

You can constantly trade to hit this moving target. Markets are blindingly dynamic – a place where unpredictable change is the norm. Yes, you can achieve the theoretical position explained above, but as soon as you do, it’s gone. We teach you how to work, day after day, to stay as close to this theoretically perfect portfolio as possible.

We give you an inner window to the mind of our traders. It is difficult to put together complex decision points that involve psychology, economics, and emotion. We always strive to solve the problem and explain every step to you: How do I push an idea through analysis to a conclusion and then – take action with confidence?

Every day, we work to increase profitability while decreasing market risk. It can be done. We have done it, we continue to do it, and we can teach you to do it too!

For $20 you get to trade along with a professional. Will every trade be profitable? No, probably not. But, you should be able to easily make back your $20 each month by using what you learn here. You will learn both what to do and what not to do – a bargain for $20!

Options give you choices!

Deep Pocket Options will teach how to manage your portfolio using the incredible power of options.
DeepPocketOptions is an educational service that teaches you how to trade stocks and options. We are not an advisory service and we do not offer specific trade recommendations. Stock or option trading is not appropriate in all situations and you should consult with your own investment advisor before entering any stock or option position. Stocks and options involve risk and you can lose money. Prior to trading you must receive a copy of Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options.